Secure payment and data processing

Our secure environment

Our website is protected with a GeoTrust SSL certificate. This means that the connection between our server and your computer is encrypted, so it can't be read by criminals.

Our mail- and webservers are 100% maintained by Schattorie Solutions of which Smartwatch Market is a sub-company.

Using BitPay, AfterPay, PayPal or iDeal

All payment methods are protected using SSL.

For payments in Bitcoins we use the secure environment of BitPay.

We use the services of the Rabobank for our iDeal payments (but of course you can use your own bank to do the payment).

Payments via AfterPay or PayPal are done directly without the use of a third-party.

About AfterPay

AfterPay handles the entire pay afterwards payment process for Smartwatch Market. This means that you will receive a digital invoice from AfterPay via e-mail to pay the purchased product(s). When you use the AfterPay payment method, and you are a new customer to AfterPay, you your maximum cart value can be €150,-. If you're already a customer of AfterPay, your allowed maximum cart value is €300,-.

AfterPay will check your information to approve payment. AfterPay has a strict privacy policy as described in their privacy statement. If your payment doesn't get approved by AfterPay, it will still be possible to pay your products using a different payment method.

If you might have any questions, AfterPay will be available to answer these for you. For more information, see the AfterPay website.